Dave Chappelle – For What It’s Worth


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Comedian Dave Chappelle does what he does easiest on this outrageous and hilarious standup performance, which permits him to in point of fact push the envelope and go even farther than he does on his TV show. Taped in San Francisco on the famed Fillmore, Chappelle we could loose on such topics as black celebrities, what It is like to have raunchy fans of his TV show approach him even as he is looking to experience Disneyland together with his kids, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and crackheads, of course.
Dave Chappelle-For What It is Worth finds the Comedy Central superstar in performance at San Francisco&aposs legendary Winterland, where he is welcomed with an enormous ovation. Easing into his set, Chappelle shares a couple of observations concerning the city itself, noting there is nothing tender concerning the Tenderloin District: “You have got other people smoking crack even as sitting in front of Starbucks.” Chappelle&aposs inspiration dips a bit of after that, as the topic of sex with monkeys and smoking weed with Indians doesn&apost relatively achieve his same old standards. Then, all at once, he is on top of his game again, his subject matter like an echo of vintage Lenny Bruce as he discusses why whites drink grape juice and blacks drink “grape drink,” why police harassment has led him to consider in impromptu alibis, and why the culture of celebrity must avoid real-world issues: “Possibly Jah Rule doesn&apost have the answers we wish in a disaster.” –Tom Keogh
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