Dave Chappelle: Killin’ Them Softly


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DAVE CHAPPELLE is a successful comedian, screenwriter, and actor. CHAPPELLE&aposS laid-back yet socially attuned style of comedy has made him a favorite among all ages and races. As an actor he is seemed alongside a few of Hollywood&aposs biggest names in films such as THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, CON AIR, YOU&aposVE GOT MAIL, UNDERCOVER BROTHER and BLUE STREAK. CHAPPELLE also co-wrote and starred within the sidesplitting prison caper HALF BAKED. Now laugh out loud as you spend 60 hilarious minutes with DAVE CHAPPELLE as he sounds off on everyone within earshot. At first aired on HBO in 2000, “Killin’ Them Softly” is definitely probably the most funniest standup specials to be had. You’ll never laugh more than you are going to here. Dave spares no victim as he addresses issues in regards to the Police, Racism, Sesame Street, Kids, and the Government. It’s hilarious! Comedy doesn&apost get any better than this! Welcome DAVE CHAPELLE’S “Killin’ Them Softly” to the distinguished PLATINUM COMEDY SERIES. Bringing you the funniest comedians in The usa!
Killin&apos Them Softly is easily one in every of HBO&aposs very best comedy specials, catching star Dave Chappelle at a career high in 2000 and with an abundance of hysterical, highly polished subject material. Taking his time, stretching concepts and bits like a master, Chappelle plunges into a wealth of anecdotes and observations in regards to the influx of white folks into Washington, D.C. (where this show was once recorded) for the reason that 1980s. (“Who&aposre the scariest folks? White guys in black gangs. No telling what they did to get respect.”) There are unbelievable tales of racing law enforcement officials with Chappelle&aposs white friend, Chip, and an ideal story about being left by myself in a limousine outdoor a busy crack house. Other just right stuff: introducing a kid to a PePe Le Pew cool animated film and realizing too overdue the skunk is a sex criminal, and why we must know our 911 calls will finally end up played on tv. –Tom Keogh
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