Hip-Hop Culture in College Students’ Lives: Elements, Embodiment, and Higher Edutainment

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College campuses have develop into wealthy sites of hip-hop culture and information production. Regardless of the eye that campus group of workers and researchers have paid to student life, the sphere of upper education has incessantly misunderstood the ways in which hip-hop culture exists in School Scholars’ lives. Based totally upon in-depth interviews, observations of underground hip-hop areas, and the writer’s own active roles in hop-hop communities, this book supplies a wealthy portrait of the way School Scholars who create hip-hop―both female and male, and of a couple of ethnicities―embody its principles and aesthetics on campuses across the USA. The book looks beyond rap music, college curricula, and concrete adolescents to make the empirical argument that hip-hop has a deep cultural logic, habits of mind, and worldview components that scholars apply to teaching, studying, and living on campus.

Hip-Hop Culture in School Scholars’ Lives supplies very important insights for researchers and campus group of workers working with School Scholars, at the same time as pushing cultural observers to reconsider the fundamental ways in which other people reside hip-hop.

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